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A collaboration between iStock and Nest Cam which criticizes how people perceive privacy. 



“Americans would share personal information or permit surveillance in return for getting something of perceived value.”

based on a survey of 461 U.S. adults and nine online focus groups of 80 people. Pew

Research Center in Washington D.C.


Amuse is a conceptual camera by iStock and Nest Cam provided to contracted clients to be install in their home. The camera takes pictures of the user’s everyday life and uploads them on iStock marketplace. For every photo sold on the market place the user receives a cut of the profit by iStock. Each photo is priced differently depending on its market demand and popularity. Elements that affect the price are gender, demographic, composition, and the behavior the user is showing in the photo.


View your photos on the market


Access Nest Cam camera and adjust the lens position


Check what’s hot on the market and which photos sell better


View all your photos captured by Nest Cam


Manage your earnings

This product comes with a small photo/video camera which can be mounted in different places at home. Also, it has an mobile app that captures all the photos taken. The app determines the estimated value of each photo/short video taken and the user decides if they want to sell their photo/short video.

Step -1 Install all the bases in three different hot spots of your house. Use the screws to secure the bases. 

Step 2 - Take Nest Cam from the box and securely screw it on the metal tripod

Step 3 - Slide the metal tripod on the wooden base and let amuse take your photos

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