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Collaborative project with SOLIO

A smart object that will enable safe passage and survival at the beginning, during, and after migration in South Africa.


What is Solio M.U.D

The Mobile Utility Device (M.U.D.) is designed for daily use in harsh conditions. It is built to be water proof, dust proof, heat and shock-resistant. The M.U.D. powers multiple native USB devices at once with an onboard 5,000 mAh Li-Fe (PO4) battery.



Solio Power and Light is distributed to households via an agency model that enables local energy entrepreneurs to lease solar appliances equipped with top-up technology to households in their communities.


Design Opportunity

Solio has engaged rural Kenyans to leverage one of their greatest natural resources – solar energy – to create sustainability-based businesses via solar leasing.



We developed the concept of a charge control circuit that would allow users to combine the power of multiple solar chargers together.  Collectively, they could generate greater power than they could achieve on an individual basis.




Charge Control Circuit 

Form Prototyping 

2012-11-27 18.21.14
2012-12-02 17.02.25
2012-12-05 19.01.38


we would drawn to hexagon which ties to functional form of our object as well as the look of the Solio M.U.D and the name comes from the SUN the company that brought it to you as well as the power of the individual tying to energy and synergy which means that whole is greater than parts.




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