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Riven Stool

collaborative project with 18 Karat

18 KARAT has provided Emily Carr Industrial Design students with a design opportunity to add a folding chair to their furniture collection.


For a collaborative design project between Emily Carr Industrial Design University and 18 KARAT, we were tasked with creating a high stool for 18 KARAT’s catalog.


The requirements of the projects were a very simple designed stool that is lightweight but looked towards the future with incredibly blue-sky ideas.


We are to design a stool that could mesh with the ideas and motivation within 18KARAT, and not necessarily their current retail line of products. We were to look to the future, and envision what 18 KARAT would be then.


Taking the idea and shape and turning it into a form

The creation of a small wood stick model was a good idea as it provided us with the opportunity to experiment and explore; a chance to fail as well as to succeed without fear of making a mistake in designing the actual finished work.




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