Video calls with your doctor through Doctorlink

DoctorLink is your virtual health assistant that can be used to check your symptoms and book all kind of appointments. It provides the ability to seek clinically approved medical advice and it solves the current pressures & demands on NHS face to face consultation waiting times and reduces unnecessary surgery appointments, 



The aim of this study was to explore the attitudes of GPs toward video consultation by using a range of patient scenarios presenting different clinical problems.


Overall, 30 users ( Doctors and patients ) were invited to interview and market research. For each session, they were asked to offer a differential diagnosis and to complete a survey based on the theory of planned behavior documenting their views on the value of a video consultation.


  • Approximately two-third of the study participants were positive about video consultations

  • Video consultation is not suitable for the patient with symptoms of an acute illness. 

  • GPs who were favorably inclined toward video consultations were more likely to work in larger practices.

  • Video technology can be very useful for follow-up consultations.

  • Patients were very interested in the Video consultation.

  • Video consultation techniques will also need to be taught in medical courses. .

  • System integration with the current platforms and how the new service fits into practice's workflow.

  • Video experience needed to work within the existing consumer iOS app, and the Doctorlink web app.

  • Create a seamless video consultation journey for both Patient and Doctors.

  • Address compassion in a conversational UI, Doctors, and patients needed to be able to talk comfortably over a video call so patients could get a full diagnosis and a treatment plan, including prescriptions.

  • Which Symptom results are eligible for booking video consultation.


Just like any other design project, I first start to ideate and experiment, and really just get everything that’s in my head out in the real world and always helps discover the best ideas and solutions to a design problem.

Also, Flow chart is helpful in understanding the overall product and also various digital touchpoints that I need to focus on while redesigning the pages.


I created a  low-fidelity prototype (LFP) to understand the app’s wireframes and how it works, the cause and effect relationships between buttons and windows, and search details that need to be changed or removed.  Then I tested with clinicians and users and gather their feedback. We analysis the feedbacks and started with the high-fidelity prototype stage. This stage allows us to test the app and get feedback from your bigger group of audience.



Our Video consultation services eliminate the need to travel to see your Doctor, saving patient time. Users can get professional medical advice over their phone or computer at any time. 


We created a unique Patient - Doctor relationship which places trust at its core. The product has been designed in mind, ensuring that all aspects of privacy are respected at all time.   


Give free access to users, whether they are traveling or living abroad. With Doctorlink they always have a high-quality service at their fingertip.  


We are committed to maintaining the privacy of medical records. and we comply with the UK's Data Protection Act.